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Case Study: Online Booking Solution for Sofitel Munich Bayerpost’s Oktoberfest PopUp Store


Sofitel Munich Bayerpost – Munich – Germany


With the Oktoberfest season 2023 approaching, Sofitel Munich Bayerpost planned to host a Trachten pop-up store within its premises. Recognizing the potential high demand and the need for streamlined organization, the hotel aimed to allow guests to book appointments in advance. The primary challenge was to devise a digital solution where the Trachten manufacturer could easily view and manage these bookings while maintaining the upscale aesthetic and brand feel of Sofitel.


Our team swiftly moved into action, understanding the importance of aligning the solution with the client’s brief and timeframe. We proposed the following strategy:

  1. Customized Booking System: Developed a user-friendly and responsive booking system, integrated with a formstack that allowed potential guests to choose their preferred time slots based on the pop-up store’s opening hours.

  2. Database-Driven Backoffice: Our developer implemented a robust back-end system, driven by a database that permitted the Trachten manufacturer to view, manage, and even reschedule appointments with ease. – MySQL – hosting

  3. Dedicated SMTP Server: Understanding the importance of timely communication, a dedicated SMTP server was set up. This ensured that confirmation emails, reminders, and other communications related to the booking reached the guests without any delays.

  4. On-Demand Coding: Our developer provided on-demand coding, ensuring that any specific and immediate requirements were met with agility and precision. – PHP – Jquery

  5. Consistent Branding: The entire digital interface was crafted ensuring it resonated with the sophisticated look & feel of the Sofitel brand. This was crucial to offer guests a seamless and consistent brand experience.


The PopUp Store, active from 15.09 to 03.10, will experience an organized flow of guests. The Trachten manufacturer will be effectively managing appointments, reducing wait times and enhancing the guest experience. Feedback from the client underscore the ease of use and efficiency of the booking system, reinforcing the Sofitel brand’s commitment to excellence.

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