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  • Oproep, professionals gezocht: Ikkuna

    Heel wat mensen krijgen vroeg of laat af te rekenen met geestelijke gezondheidsproblemen. Hulp zoeken of durven vragen blijft, ondanks alle bestaande aanbod, niet gemakkelijk. Want over geestelijke gezondheidsproblemen praten we niet graag. We leven in tijden van perfectie, zelfredzaamheid, maakbare mens en het even niet meer weten, is dat dan geen teken van zwakte?   Ikkuna wil hierop een antwoord bieden door op een laagdrempelige manier een helpende hand te bieden en kort op de bal te spelen.   Kan je er even niet meer aan uit? Kamp je met hersenspinsels waar je maar niet vanaf raakt? Weet je......

  • On the Path to Giving Back

    Why engaging in corporate philanthropy really makes a difference for us? “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world — remains and is immortal.” Albert Pike Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? The truth is, if you turn on the news, listen to the radio on your way to work, follow social media, or browse a newspaper with your morning coffee, chances are, you will come across actions of goodwill at least once in your day. And although we hear about famous philanthropists and companies launching their new CSR (Corporate......

  • Whitespace in Web Design: What It Is and Why You Should Use It

    In a time when we’re sounded by information, it is extremely important for designers to think about being clear with their layouts. We must remember to deliver a page that will get viewers’ attention, whether they’re purchasing something from a e-commerce site, reading a blog or just browsing news. The design must be readable, easy to understand, and easy to like. We need to remember that going for a simple layout instead of a complex one is the key to keeping readers interested. A lot of elements, images, colors and different shapes in a page can make your site look......

  • Pat Perry @ the office

    Being distracted at work is not a bad thing, if the object of your distraction is a work of art! We became big fan of the art of Pat Perry Art . His Sunday Orchestrator is has arrived and will inspire our team and enrich our workspace!...

  • What Marketers Need to Think About Before They Make Their Hail Mary Play

    The modern economy thrives on risk. Without it, there would be no innovation, the stock market would be flat and entrepreneurs would be far less common. Risk is also a crucial consideration for marketers. Every day, marketing professionals need to factor in reputational and brand risks, as well as financial risks from failing strategies. But how can marketers approach risk in a way that allows them to be creative and seize opportunities without betting the farm and losing it all? Here are some ways to strike a balance between risk and reward.  Are You In Control of Your Risks? Before......

Believe in your imagination!

While science has much to discover about our world, the fact is that what we do know about humanity is that each individual shapes their world and life in the image they hold of themselves. From Carl Jung to modern day self-help books, the conclusion is the same; what you believe you are you see in the outside of yourself. That which is within an individual comes out of the individual as their reality.

Perception is reality

An individual that sees himself or herself as successful even during temporary failures in their lives will be successful in life because their thoughts of success and positive attitude of learning from one’s failures and continuing on means the individual also creates success with their actions which are surged on by their thoughts and perception of themselves as successful individuals.

See yourself as a successful, motivated, open-minded individual and you are already shaping your reality along the frequencies of your thoughts and the actions you follow up your thought frequency with.


Failure as your guide to success

Some people fail at certain endeavors and immediately see themselves as failure personified. This is a huge mistake because every time you fail you need to recognize this failure as just something you didn’t succeed at and need to learn as much as you can from it. Failure at something does not equal failure at being you. You can either try to improve your tactics, your project, or move on to another project with more knowledge about what will not work. Failure and success are twined together. They are never separate. They are a balance in our world necessary to show us what works and what doesn’t. Without this balance we can’t grasp knowledge, wisdom or our lasting growth as an individual.


Positive action

Most successful people will tell you something rather strange and that is that they believed what they imagined to be already accessible and there for them, and they followed up with their actions to those goals without much problems. Michelangelo’s father used to beat him because he was convinced his son would never be able to make money with sculpting. Michelangelo then went out and stared at rock, sculpting in his mind, knowing the sculpture was already there. And when he grew up and escaped his father’s narrow minded non-imaginative clutches, he continued with his mind, imagination and then by his own hands and chisels. Positive action starts with imagination.

Write down your goals, see them in clear detail in your imagination, follow up with action

Writing down your goals, setting up a time frame you want them to be accomplished by, and seeing those goals accomplished in as much detail in your imagination will lead you to follow up with action steps towards those already accomplished goals within you. Now you only have to bring them out of yourself and into the world seemingly outside of you. See that each temporary failure is just a shy image of success showing you where it’s not and where it is waiting for you.


Just use your imagination.


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