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  • Oproep, professionals gezocht: Ikkuna

    Heel wat mensen krijgen vroeg of laat af te rekenen met geestelijke gezondheidsproblemen. Hulp zoeken of durven vragen blijft, ondanks alle bestaande aanbod, niet gemakkelijk. Want over geestelijke gezondheidsproblemen praten we niet graag. We leven in tijden van perfectie, zelfredzaamheid, maakbare mens en het even niet meer weten, is dat dan geen teken van zwakte?   Ikkuna wil hierop een antwoord bieden door op een laagdrempelige manier een helpende hand te bieden en kort op de bal te spelen.   Kan je er even niet meer aan uit? Kamp je met hersenspinsels waar je maar niet vanaf raakt? Weet je......

  • On the Path to Giving Back

    Why engaging in corporate philanthropy really makes a difference for us? “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world — remains and is immortal.” Albert Pike Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? The truth is, if you turn on the news, listen to the radio on your way to work, follow social media, or browse a newspaper with your morning coffee, chances are, you will come across actions of goodwill at least once in your day. And although we hear about famous philanthropists and companies launching their new CSR (Corporate......

  • Whitespace in Web Design: What It Is and Why You Should Use It

    In a time when we’re sounded by information, it is extremely important for designers to think about being clear with their layouts. We must remember to deliver a page that will get viewers’ attention, whether they’re purchasing something from a e-commerce site, reading a blog or just browsing news. The design must be readable, easy to understand, and easy to like. We need to remember that going for a simple layout instead of a complex one is the key to keeping readers interested. A lot of elements, images, colors and different shapes in a page can make your site look......

  • Pat Perry @ the office

    Being distracted at work is not a bad thing, if the object of your distraction is a work of art! We became big fan of the art of Pat Perry Art . His Sunday Orchestrator is has arrived and will inspire our team and enrich our workspace!...

  • What Marketers Need to Think About Before They Make Their Hail Mary Play

    The modern economy thrives on risk. Without it, there would be no innovation, the stock market would be flat and entrepreneurs would be far less common. Risk is also a crucial consideration for marketers. Every day, marketing professionals need to factor in reputational and brand risks, as well as financial risks from failing strategies. But how can marketers approach risk in a way that allows them to be creative and seize opportunities without betting the farm and losing it all? Here are some ways to strike a balance between risk and reward.  Are You In Control of Your Risks? Before......

Active members 2018

We place customers but also stakeholders at the heart of everything we do. We even consider them members of our organisation. Member satisfaction is a key driver for our business; we believe that delivering what our members want is the best way to grow our company. We are able to connect our members and members talk to each other and businesses grow more when satisfied members trust us and each other enough to create or consolidate an ongoing partnership.


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  • 5T COMMUNICATION: communication & mediamarketing
  • ABORIGINAL: artist
  • ACCOFIDES: bookie
  • AMCO: Amsterdam Chamber Orchestra
  • AON: insurance
  • ARCHE: couching
  • ASWAN Sofitel: luxurious location
  • BRIDGES: Restaurant *
  • CATHY: ladychef
  • CLAFOUTIS: culinary jane of all trades + journalist
  • CORE ORIGINS: knowledge, training
  • ENTSOG: gaz
  • FAIRMONT: luxurious locations
  • FIJNBESNAARD: musician
  • FREETIME: kids
  • FRED: fred 🙂
  • GHENT: city
  • GRUUT (NEW): beer
  • GRASROBOTS: lawn robotics
  • GOURMET INVENT: catering
  • IAB: marketing
  • ICC: venue
  • ICF: businessclub
  • KBC: bank
  • LESONDES: incentives
  • MANOTEL: luxurious location
  • PELICANO: philantropic organisation
  • SANDTON: luxurious locations
  • SOUNDSYSTEM: sound & light
  • SOFITEL: luxurious locations
  • STELRAD: heating
  • XIAN: travel location
  • ZABAKINA: philanthopy
  • EVERLAND: hotel management